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I think we were just in love with the thought of being in love.

✞Semi Hiatus✞

But you're losing your words we're speaking in bodies Avoiding me and talking 'bout you.

Life is funny. Things change, people change, but you will always be you, so stay true to yourself and never sacrifice who you are for anyone.

@Harry_Styles@NiallOfficial cannayousignadissa? 

2011 - 2014

And although I wasn’t losing my mind
It was a chorus so sublime
But the room is so quiet


Anonymous: why do you like zayn so much?


i could literally talk for days about this but maaaaaan i just do, listen i know he’s done bad things (cheating) (repeatedly) but that doesn’t make him a /bad person/ he’s a good person, he cares about people, he cares about his fans and i don’t give a fuck about what anyone says, he loves his job and he loves his bandmates he’s one of the most honest people in the industry he refuses to play the fame game like some of the other guys in the band and it gets misconstrued as him being ‘bored’ or ‘not into it’ when that’s not the truth, you’d think on a website where every other post is about how serious social anxiety is, more people would understand that maybe zayn can’t be like harry or like liam or niall but that doesn’t mean he hates us or his job, he has gone through more than every other one of the boys and he still shows up, he gets called horrible racist names on a DAILY basis but still sings on stage every night, still busts out notes like nobody’s business, still donates thousands of dollars to charity, fucking spray paints huge dog things for children’s hospitals, and helps his family out, he’s one of the only mainstream superstars that absolutely refuses to downplay his culture, for anyone, he’d rather not talk about it in interviews than hide it all together bc he doesn’t feel like he needs to explain anything to anyone and he’s right!, he’s a young guy and he’s still adjusting, he has his faults, fucking obviously but i love zayn a lot i know i talk some shit but zayn is very important to me and he aint too bad to look at either